The blog of ___!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Garsh, aren't I the persistent one. I am.
Writing in my blog.
You know, the one I THOUGHT I'd write in all the time, but keep putting it off for weeks?

Let's try and change that, kay?
Not that it matters much...since I'm the only one that reads this. ;)

Ok, let's see...

I went, and it rocked. I thought that it'd be a tiny version of the show, since Ft. Wayne isn't much special. Boy was I wrong. They had a costume contest, Guitar Hero contest, Space Invaders contest (which I won, but never got the prize....T_T), merch booth, meet & greet (picture below), the lights during the show, and the big screen showcasing the games. ^_^
Oh, it was wonderful. I had a great time, with my friend Tyler. We even ended up sitting next to each other. :D

Yeah, I know I look horrible here....the lady took the photo too soon...

Yeah, I got it!! That means FiOS T.V. in my room. Loads of channels, lots of movies on all the time, and On Demand! Plus, the internet is sooo much faster! I've been playing the World of Warcraft trial lately. Now I just need to buy some more RAM for my computer. :P

Ok, now that those two topics are over with, let's get on with the random mumbo-jumbo.
I assume that if you are reading this, I either told you I updated it, or you bookmarked it and check it everyday with a false sense of hope....
So, what I'm trying to get across is that I'm happy you are here. Makes me feel important...I suppose...

Well...I've started working on my Photoshop skills.
I really need a nice camera. A camcorder would be nice as well.
Laser Pointers are fun...especially if it's snowy outside.
I really don't know what to write.... I thought I'd have loads when I know, up there ^^^^....but now my mind has drawn a blank.
I am really tempted to get Limewire.....just so many songs I want to put in my mp3 player...
Nah...not going to risk the virus chance.

I'm so freakin bored.

I bet, after you read this post you will NEVER come back here again!

"UHG! This is rubbish! Why did I bookmark this?! DELETED!!" -You

Oh well...I'll keep adding to this dang blog.
I dunno why.
Maybe one day I'll have something good to say.
I'll probably add it here.

But for now, I think I'll just...end this abruptly.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Oh my garsh!!

Wow, I totally forgot I had a blog! Goodness gracious! Well, it's time for a new post.

This Friday I'm going to Video Games Live!! I can't wait! I'm going with my friend Tyler, but our seats are far apart! I guess that's what we get for buying our tickets at the last minute (yesterday). It'll still be kick-ass. ^_^

So, my mom has informed me that we will be getting FiOS internet/T.V./phone on TUESDAY!!!
HECK YEAH!!!! That means I'll go from roughly 700kb/s to 5mb/s on the internet!!! YEAH!!! It's gonna rock my socks... Plus I'll be getting FiOS T.V. in my room. So all the channels!!

If you are reading this, then you probably know me. And if you know me, you have probably seen my latest YouTube video. I mean, even people I don't know come up to me in school and say, "Hey Tre', I saw your internet video! It made me giggle!!" So you have probably seen it. But, if you just happen to have missed it because you were taking a shower this whole time (I know... it happens...) then here it is.
Right here. Well, actually, that's a link to my YouTube page....but it's right there, really big.
You can't miss it....unless you do...then, of course, you can...but it's very improbable that you will miss it...because some of the people that came up to me at school didn't seem very bright...yet they found it...and this is a big your face.

So tomorrow's Valentine's Day (well, tomorrow for me. It could be today, if you live in like....Europe...). Just another random day for me. But hopefully, for you, it is a day of happiness with someone you ADORE! A time to go spend all of your money on chocolate that will be eaten up really fast. Yes, it shall be a blast for you guys! I hope all of you that have a special someone have fun! And for you loners out there, don't fret. You can still eat chocolate and feel great. Unless, of course, you are allergic to chocolate. Then you might want to turn to an alternative candy, such as lollipops. Just not those chalky hearts. Yes, the ones with the words on them. The ones that you always eat, even though you KNOW they are chalky and wont taste very satisfying. But yeah, don't get down in the dumps if you are alone on Valentine's day. Or any day, for that matter.
Like my good friend Bobby McFerrin once said, "Don't happy."

...I'm just kidding, I'm not friends with Bobby McFerrin. I apologize if I mislead some of you there.

Well, I suppose this is where I bid you adieu. Have a great Valentine's Day!!

Oh, and, bookmark my blog...just in case I don't forget about it again. ;)